Open Source project

A large number of developers work selflessly to make our life easier by contributing in the society. We are mainly unaware of these. In this thread, we bring into limelight such open source projects which have the potential to impact our lives in the way that we even cannot imagine.

for college dudes

After the completion of the college, we all have the regret to do somethings that we could have done in the college but we were unable to do so due to lack of awareness. In this thread, I will introduce you to things that you were not aware of and I will guide you to complete it which will become the founding stone of your career. A large number of competitions go unattended but they won't now.

Innovative Start-up

In this section, we will bring in light the budding start-ups with innovative ideas and ton of motivations who can make a dent in their particular field. In this way, we may bring them some audience and help them contribute to the betterment of the society. They will also provide career opportunities for college students.


Everybody needs a break from learning. In this thread, I will introduce some of the mind-boggling TV series and movies along with some documentary which will be productive and constructive too.


The rest of the data that I feel is important but it does not belong to any category. I don't want to force it to any category and hence they will be kept in Uncategorized category. This may not be asked anywhere but are pretty cool to know if you know what i mean !!