Why should you always prefer email conversation?

I do love email. Wherever possible I try to communicate asynchronously. I’m really good at email.
Elon Musk

I always used to prefer call instead of emails and as a result, sometimes I was ignored, other times I was rejected. I thought about this due to lack of my technical skills. But the exact problem was I didn’t give them enough time to review me as I expected from the quick answer. Hence I started writing emails and the result was different for me this time?

Email conversation should always be given top priority as preferred to chat/Calls. This is because you can type in detail in case of E-Mail conversations as compared to chat/Phones. Also, emails provided by the big companies are most likely to be evaluated by the grievance cell of their nation. The companies are rated and provided awards based on the number of emails replied and tickets solved. This will result in very bad publicity for an organization if they will try to avoid our emails. If you will refer to a mail conversation, then mail will be stored in the company’s database which can be used for further references. The company will take full responsibility for the email if delivered, unlike the chat/calls which will be proved illegal if provided in the court for any hearings.

Unlike phone conversations, Email conversations should always be preferred. In a phone conversation, instant replies are expected from both the parties. However, in an email conversation, the person can think about it for a while. He/ She can then reply after taking a decision on which they have pondered over for some time which would not be regretted later. May be, some decision could come out in the benefits of both the parties if time was given to think over. If we are staying in a professional environment, then the one thing that we need to do to increase our productivity is to attain Focus which is not possible if we are to answer or touch our phones frequently.

In the phone calls, we may end up wasting tons of time. If we want to talk to something about someone or ask them for a favor, then in the case of a phone call you need to do some formalities like

Hey, how are you?
What are you doing these days?

In such a case, the phone calls worth 3 minutes ends up to 30 minutes chat thus making our life little less productive. Phone calls cause existential overhead which leads to mental stress and distraction for completing the unfinished business. For example, if you have a scheduled phone call for Wednesday, then you will have a problem and will be thinking about it continuously till you have made that calls. These extra ineffective type of tasks results in productivity killing.

Sometimes, the communication isn’t that much proper and clear and we can’t ask to repeat since it may offend the caller. But, no such problem can happen in an email conversation assume both the parties have sufficient grammar knowledge. The email address can be arranged in a batch properly and can be sorted but the same may not be applicable for the calls even if they are recorded. We can’t go back and review the calls but we definitely can review the email address.

There may be much more reasons for why should we always prefer an email. But, I guess above-mentioned reasons are sufficient. Writing a good email and introducing proper content along with giving your introduction in the briefest form is an art which can help us thrive for getting a company’s attention or any other publisher/editor’s attention.


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