Which domain do you fit yourself into?

In the today’s changing era, people limit themselves to simple projects and competitive programming in their college time. These simple projects can be made in a day or in a week using simple concepts of any programming languages. Hence, they must explore the remaining areas of the computer science in his/her college life to know what makes them happy. Then he/she can follow that passion resulting in a satisfactory life unlike most of the tech guys who regret after joining their company.

Big Data/ Hadoop


Tons of data from various internet sources are dumped regularly. Big data generally include the unstructured data that is accumulated over the year. It can be images, link and every other crap which is not present in the DBMS. Thus, big data contains patterns and other useful information and need to be stored properly. That can be done by a framework known as Apache Hadoop. Hadoop process the big data effectively by dividing the data for several clusters and smoothen it and makes it easy to analyze. This is a very important field in Computer Science.

Back end developer


The back end varies from DBMS to MongoDB to CosmosDB. Back end developer has a very wide reach as every tech company needs them. From SQL to MYSQL to PostgreSQL, we need to implement every fraction. Scripting languages include Ruby, Go, Python, Java, PHP etc. Back end developer has to connect the front end to the database.

Front end designing


The presentation is all that matters in today’s world. Due to this, the need for front end developers is urgent. Front end developing is all about presenting the website to the users. Front end includes HTML, CSS, JavaScript and jQuery. If you want to go deeper in JavaScript, then you can go for learning ES6 (ECMAScript) &TypeScript & Flow. You can go for Task Runners like NPM Scripts, gulp, and Grunt. You can also go for package managers like Yarn or NPM. You can learn testing via Jest, Mocha or Jasmine. You could choose a framework Angular, React, or Inferno. In CSS, you can go for Bootstrap and Foundation. You get the idea. Front end designing is very large.

Android developer


Nearly more than 1 billion mobile phones have installed Android as their operating system. Android development is very easy and has a lot of potential in today’s era. You can learn android using the android documentation here. These days, Android apps are basically created using Android studio along with Kotlin or Java. Android Studio is preferred by many developers as compared to eclipse because of the real-time experience of UI in the android studio which tells that whether we are going in right direction. You can also develop apps using the NDK by using Python or C++. A large number of 3rd party libraries are just popping up for us to use in android which makes Android very easy.

IOS developer


IOS Development is an equally important domain since the number of IOS Developers are comparatively less as compared to android developers around the edge. IOS development is done in swift and can be understood more clearly via its documentation.

C# along with Xamarin allows us the development of both IOS and Android apps simultaneously.

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Software developer


The software developer is the most prominent field. Amazon, Microsoft picks up graduates at these positions. The main aim in these is to follow a development model while developing a service for the users or 3rd party companies. The task is divided into modules and each team is responsible for implementing and testing a particular module. Any management software is the big example for this

Machine learning


Machine learning is the art of getting things automated with the help of the machine without explicitly programming it. The machine learns with the help of training data and then helps us in classifying, clustering or refactoring or automating. The machine learning is gaining growth at a very fast rate. Machine learning can implement facial recognition, finger print verification, number plate detection, spam filtering etc. Machine learning is implemented mainly via Python or Java

Security or Cryptography –


Security is one of the most important things that the firms are trying to establish. Despite several powerful algorithms to implement security, security always feels like an illusion. Hence, we can go for the jobs where we end up providing security like modifying encryption, better virus detection, backdoors detection etc.

Artificial Intelligence


Artificial Intelligence is usually defined as the science of making computers do things that require intelligence when done by humans. AI has had some success in limited or simplified, domains. It is implemented with the help of Lisp.

Data Mining


The world is full of patterns. You can see the pattern in nearly every aspect of your life. This art of pattern recognition from the big data is known as data mining. Data mining analyzes the data acquired over the past time and then using that data, it predicts the future. For instance, a company sells 2 products out of which 1 results in 70% and 2 results in 30% revenues respectively. One can easily see that the company needs to import more products of type 1. But if there are nearly millions of products, it becomes difficult for an individual to do it and that is when data mining comes into play. Data mining is the current trend, where businesses have extracted much profit just because they were able to predict the future and learn from the mistakes of past. Data mining can be easily implemented using Python, BeautifulSoup and Mechanize.

What should I do?

Hence, my advice, try out these fields by learning about them, even creating a project so that you may know what fields interest you. This will help you become flexible and more importantly, you will know how to tackle any difficult problems.
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