Stranger things will give you chills.

Here is why I believe that Stranger Things is the best show that I have ever watched.

I am not wrong if I say that Netflix does it again. The stranger things is one of the best Netflix originals ever presented to us. Set in the late 80’s stranger things will definitely give you chills. Set in the fictional town of Hawkins, Indiana, USA, the department of Energy is working towards making an ultimate weapon. When a young boy is disappeared, this show allows us to see the length through which his mother, a police chief, and his friends can go to get him back. This episode is full of suspense at every point and dark government agencies and supernatural powers come into play to make this show super exciting. The people soon realize that there is something much more in play than meets the eye.


It shows how 3 groups from 3 different generations discover the problem in the 3 different ways, each portrayed as believable as possible. Then they unite to face the common enemy who is the shady government agencies and the supernatural forces from the dark dimension which is an echo of our real dimension, just everything is dark and cold. The alternate dimensions’ theory and everything else is shown in the simplest way possible.


The logo of stranger things portrays its simplicity. It’s just the text with the sharp edges and providing the red color at the areas where the need is present to give it a satisfying look. This too attracts the audience giving them the feel for the supernatural horror. Most of the cast is new and the work they have done can be seen from the IMDB ratings and the Rotten Tomatoes rating.


In the end, watch that show. It’s better than other crappy shows.

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