Farming in India has lost its ability to be the source of subsistence for farmers

Let us not forget that the cultivation of the earth is the most important labor of man. When tillage begins, other arts will follow. The farmers, therefore, are the founders of civilization.

The suicidal rate of the farmers is increasing year by year, definitely not exponentially yet but soon it will touch the exponential factor. India was one of the countries which were identified by one type of occupation i.e., farming. Farmers were the main backbones of the country’s economy. The average household income that can be generated via farming sums up to INR 6500. The maintenance charges of the farm are paid from this monthly income.

Think about it. The amount of hard work that is put down on a piece of land from making it fertile to prepare it for sowing and then finally generating the crops. This life generating process is in fact very awesome but it takes various inputs along with the hard work. They include the cost of seeds, labor, rent for land, machine maintenance, Irrigation, pesticide, fertilizers and other expenses. It is also shocking to know that alone 25% of the input cost is taken by the fertilizers.

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Earlier farming was rising due to the absence of Urbanization and industrialization. By the introduction of industrialization, more people started shifting towards working in industries. Industrialization was more attractive than farming because it offered a fixed pay rather than farming, profit in which was completely dependent on the external feature.

A household needs at least one hectare of the land. 65% of the household are owning less than 1 hectare of the land which makes their survival hard and as the area of the land an individual is owning increases, the cost of the maintenance of that land increases significantly.

We will also be shocked by knowing that this translates into debt. For farmers earning near INR 3000 per month, INR 30000 seems to be a very heavy burden. Wrong decisions are taken due to these burdens which do not benefit anyone.


All the above facts prove that farming in India has lost its ability to be the source of subsistence for farmers. How do we come into the picture? Why does it all concern us?

1- The main point which many of us forgets to see is the way the dealing is done. The crops produced by the tremendous hard work of the farmers are purchased at the lowest rate possible which barely turns into profit for them. The prices of the same crop are hiked by several times when available to the end user or common man. The total difference in between these price money goes into the pocket of the middleman. We can work for the removal of the middleman. A common platform where the government can come along with farmers to work for the benefit of everyone.

2- Another way where we can help is by providing the quality of everything that goes into the production of crops. From best quality fertilizers to quality seeds to efficient farming practices at an affordable solution is very important. This type of work is currently being executed by the start-ups like CropIn.


3- This has been already implemented. A way for the weather forecast and environmental situation to reach the remotest area. The weather forecast is being transmitted by the government as well as big giants like Google but a way to reach the remotest area is still not devised.

In the end, we must know that the problems suffered by the farmers are ultimately going to be our own problems sooner or later. But, if we will work for the stability of the farmers, then we might not get into the situation where we might find out the need for the farmers. We in our busy schedule cannot afford to go farming but we all may help in one way or the other way by developing a common solution which may lessen the distances that have developed between the government and the farmers due to loans and burden. This common solution will help us Make India great again.

A blog post for common solution very soon 😊






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