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The actors in our world pretend for a living. They pretend to be someone they are not. We are not actors and hence we cannot pretend to be someone in this world. We have to answer to our future generation. We just cannot ignore whatever is going in front of our eyes. Things like pollution, global warming, the greenhouse effect will have a long-term drastic effect on the future. Maximum time, all we do is point blames to each other. But, a group of individuals is trying to solve this problem in order to make the world a better place.

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The only solution to the above-mentioned problem is electrification. Minimizing the use of coal and other fossils and electrifying everything. Gallus Motors is one such name that comes to mind which is working towards delivering high-performance Electric Bikes. Their motivation comes from the urge within inside to do something good. Maximum of us need bikes. Hence, they aim to provide Eco-friendly, pollutionless, easily maintainable & affordable to all the people in needs. The bikes available may be single seater or double seater.

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In today’s world where people are switching from Petrol to CNG, metro stations have installed solar power panels for electricity, their idea seems a worth since it is totally based on the real-life problem. The battery that will be installed in the bikes could be charged from anywhere and will be charged in nearly 3-4 hours. The battery that would be installed on this bike would also be made from scratch in the car.

The position they are currently in would not have been possible without the support of their College. Their college has provided them with the Workshops to work in, staff to help them and funding too to make something worth that may make India proud.

The team has actively participated in Bike races and several formula races for students. From here, they get the inspiration to create the bike for the entire nation. They also got inspired by several events from IIT Delhi where they learned to have a creative and business mind. It is at that point, they thought of creating Job rather than applying for one.

Since each and every component is assembled in front of them, they are willing to provide customizable bikes. The main qualities that the bikes will be delivering will be extremely fast and speed may be greater than 80 km/hr. Also, Battery made from scratch providing maximum efficiency. We hope that they will achieve that positions where they can fulfill their promise in making the world a greater place.

Here are some of the prototypes provided by the team.


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WhatsApp Image 2017-10-27 at 10.21.57 PM (1)


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A new blog post on how they are working forward, very soon 🙂

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