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We are looking for awesome writers and bloggers who can provide us with quality stuff.

A Broad Overview on Submissions

A blog post on CodesMyth has the opportunity to get wide exposure and help you gain recognition.

An awesome writer on CodesMyth will understand these four key concepts:

  • Articles are meant to inspire and motivate programmers and common people to find ways to improve their lives, either professionally or personally (and sometimes both!)
  • Articles are written with our readers in mind. Rather than broad topics about personal development or advice, they should specifically address how to apply such ideas to a programming lifestyle. You can use the code, technical jargon and other analogies programmers would understand and relate to.
  • Articles should be written in a narrative and personal style, while still being packed full of information. They need to be accessible to a variety of readers, from a programmer just starting out to a full-time entrepreneurial software expert. Our tagline is, after all, Simplifying Code, Breaking Myths.
  • just try to keep it under 3k words. If it’s good, then we can go for it too.

If you would like to know more about the content we look to create on CodesMyth, you can check out our blog.

What Can You Write About?

Since we are devoted to the enrichment of our audience’s lives, both personally and professionally, articles on this site cover a variety of topics.

Here are some of the categories I am looking for writers on:

  • Technical – Web development, mobile development, QA, and automation, other. They can include detailed instructions, How-to’s, tutorials and getting started or introductions or guides to a specific technology, framework or programming language.
  • Career – All kinds of career topics that would appeal to employees, managers, freelancers, entrepreneurs, and students. These articles should relate specifically to the programming and developer industry.
  • Marketing Yourself – Blogging, personal branding, speaking, networking, using social networks, podcasting. These articles should teach programmers how to sell themselves to others, either through their current position or as a freelancer and/or entrepreneur.
  • Productivity – System, hacks, learning, etc. These articles should give programmers the tools to accelerate their processes and put their best work (and selves) out to the world.
  • Motivational – Psychology, dealing with fear, failure, attitude, love, inspiration, success. These articles should harken back to the basic premise of CodesMyth – Simplifying Codes, Breaking Myths. Using anecdotes, studies, or other empiric evidence to break these big picture ideas into implementable action items is key.
  • Fitness, finance, and misc. – Other content, but strongly related to programmers. These articles should follow a similar structure to Motivational articles, focusing especially on giving CodesMyth readers tips and tricks that they can apply in their lives for big changes and results.
  • Tech – Hardware, gadgets, reviews, recommendations. These articles should also be longer and include detailed specifications and information that will advise CodesMyth readers all the good, bad, and ugly about the product.

Many of these topics are “soft” topics, so any of the writing for them should be specific to software developers.

The Submission and Editing Process

I am looking for high-quality content to share with the CodesMyth audience. That should be the most important thing you are considering when submitting an article or guest post idea. We have a team of editors and content strategists that will work with you from your initial submission to the final publishing of your piece.

This means that we may decline submissions that are either not a good fit for the site or in need of some improvement. That does not mean you can never submit again, even if it is an updated draft. After your article is approved, the process can take anywhere from 2-4 weeks from your initial submission and will involve your active participation in rewrites and revisions.

While we do not currently pay for guest posts on the site, we do include an opportunity for you to promote your own site and work at the end of the piece. That means a link back off CodesMyth, your own bio to market your wares, a cool audience, and the potential for future posts and opportunities to contribute to the community.

How To Submit an Article

To submit an article idea or apply to be a writer on CodesMyth, look at the details below. we’ll be in touch to see about getting you published on the site! If you have any questions, you can email us.

Send us your Concept here:                       Submit Concept.

For questions about post submissions: Piyush Badkul

To submit your articles, email at:



If you do not receive an acknowledgment for your article within 2 days, then please send the email again or connect with me personally.

Looking forward to a long term and healthy relationship.